PETRA In brief: August 2023 Members Only
PETRA 24th August 2023 Counterfeit and falsified medicines in the EU: a legal perspective Vishv Priya Kohli
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 3rd September 2021 Human rights law in the negotiation of preferential trade agreements Meaghan Beyer
University of Groningen 20th May 2021 Trade unwrapped: trade and health Food Farming and Countryside Commission
18th November 2020 Health, trade and investment policy and local government Gabriel Siles-Brugge
University of Warwick 2nd November 2020 COVID-19 and international trade law Gregory Messenger
University of Liverpool 2nd November 2020 Tobacco control disputes and trade agreements Margherita Melillo
European University Institute 2nd November 2020 Front of pack labelling schemes and the WTO Nicole D. Foster
University of the West Indies 2nd November 2020 COVID-19: the UK’s economy must be driven by health and environmental protection Heather Lodge, David Hunter, Paul Lincoln
3rd July 2020 PETRA Network launch 18 February 2020: views from launch day participants University of Chester
11th May 2020

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