PETRA is tasked with producing a research and development framework. This framework needs to identify both short- and long-term research priorities that will be most useful to policy users. The framework will also attempt to identify areas where good evidence exists but which is not being used.

PETRA opened an enquiry in May 2020 to collect submissions from as wide a range of academic, third sector and policymakers. Evidence from submissions, along with a set of commissioned position papers, will be used to create a research priorities’ framework at a sandpit exercise in 2021.

The commissioned position papers are published here (in title order):

An independent review of evidence submitted to PETRA from May 2020-June 2021 was undertaken in June for consideration at the sandpit workshops on 28 June and 1 July 2021.

Melvin K. (2021) Sandpit exercise: review of evidence submitted to PETRA 2020-21. Chester: PETRA

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